WATCH: Jiu-jitsu saves the day during an incident at the airport terminal

Rener Gracie, hailing from the legendary Gracie family known for popularizing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in America, shed light on a remarkable incident at an airport terminal. In this scenario, the skills of a trained Jiu-Jitsu practitioner played a pivotal role in defusing a tense situation without causing permanent harm.

The video clip in question captures a member of airport personnel skillfully and calmly handling a belligerent customer. What’s striking is the use of BJJ principles to control the situation effectively. Instead of resorting to excessive force or causing harm, the airport staff member employs positional dominance to restrain the unruly individual.

One of the core tenets of BJJ is immobilization, a principle evident in this incident. It allows for the control and restraint of an opponent without causing lasting injury. Even when the defiant passenger resorted to bridging and waving his hands, the security personnel maintained composure and control.

Rener Gracie, renowned for his BJJ expertise, confirmed that the security personnel involved in the incident is indeed trained in Jiu-Jitsu. The altercation reportedly began when the belligerent passenger struck another individual from behind, escalating tensions in the terminal.

Throughout the ordeal, the security officer engaged in dialogue with the unruly passenger, attempting to dissuade him from further disruption and resistance. It’s evident that he was patiently awaiting additional security personnel to assist in escorting the offender out of the premises.

Notably, the airport staff member used a modified Americana technique to control the disruptive passenger. The Americana, a type of figure-4 armlock, can serve both as a control hold and a submission maneuver. In this context, it functioned primarily as a control technique, allowing for the complete restriction of the passenger’s movements without causing unnecessary harm.

The efficiency of immobilizing the shoulder, as demonstrated in this incident, underscores the practicality of BJJ in real-life scenarios. It provides a non-lethal yet highly effective means of subduing individuals who pose a threat or engage in disruptive behavior.