WATCH: Jon Jones reacts to old school yard scrap

UFC icon Jon Jones recently acknowledged a schoolyard scrap involving two guys. This acknowledgement catapulted the video into becoming viral on social media, drawing significant attention from various quarters.

Jones’ last appearance in the octagon was at UFC 285, where he clinched victory over Ciryl Gane to secure the heavyweight title. His upcoming bout will be the headline event at UFC 295 at MSG, where he will face former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. While hints of retirement have been dropped after UFC 295, no official confirmation has been provided.

The extent of publicity garnered by this brawl due to Jones’ acknowledgement left many surprised. Safety advocates voiced their concerns, while critics argued that such an endorsement from a high-profile figure could potentially encourage this kind of behavior.

But Jones appears unfazed by the students’ incident. He commented on the Instagram video, “Kids doing it old school.”


Distinguished neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman recently shared intriguing insights regarding UFC superstar Jon Jones’ slender calves. Huberman engaged in a captivating discussion with Joe Rogan on JRE, delving into the realm of sports physiology and performance.

Huberman proposed that Jones’ seemingly ‘tiny’ calves might actually provide an advantage in MMA. He posited that these calves could facilitate swift leg movements, enhancing skills like kick speed and footwork agility.

Jones tiny calves also lowers the susceptibility to specific types of injuries. Huberman observed that the muscle belly on Jones’ calves was little, akin to that of elite sprinters. He also suggested that it could translate into explosive power.

Jon Jones is hailed for his unparalleled achievements in the UFC. Over the years, he has been the subject of numerous athletic analyses. However, focusing on the size of his calves offers a novel perspective on evaluating his success in the Octagon. Once viewed as a potential physical weakness for the heavyweight champion, his calves now emerge to be a potential asset.