WATCH: Khabib Style Ground and Pound ends wannabe warrior

Conflicts are a common occurrence in many cities worldwide, often making their way onto the internet, showcasing intense showdowns.

In a recent viral video, one wannabe warrior learned a hard lesson in humility.

The video depicted two men engaged in a heated argument, with a third party attempting to mediate and create distance between them. As a bystander recorded the incident, one of the men approached the camera, identifying himself as being from New York and expressing his readiness for confrontation. This tense encounter unfolded in the broad daylight of a gas station parking lot.

Suddenly, the man talking to the camera abruptly turned and followed his adversary, who had not backed down. The two men, noticeably different in physique, faced off once more.

One was tall and lanky, while the other had more mass, promising formidable punching power. Tensions escalated as the lanky man charged and threw the first punch, initiating a conflict that quickly brought them to the ground. Ultimately, it was the stout man who gained control over his opponent, subjecting him to an unfortunate ground-and-pound.

This viral video received considerable attention on social media, with viewers drawing parallels between the intense ground-and-pound tactics and the retired UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The online reactions were a mix of empathy and amusement, with netizens making light of the ordeal.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s involvement in similar showdowns during his youth has been well-documented. His early combat experiences undoubtedly contributed to his natural flair for mixed martial arts. Khabib went on to become the UFC lightweight champion, maintaining an undefeated record throughout his career

. His remarkable winning streak in the UFC remains one of the longest in the sport’s history. In 2021, Khabib announced his retirement from professional MMA, citing familial reasons, and later in 2023, he retired entirely to prioritize his family life.