WATCH: Lifeguard pours water on confrontational beachgoers in a de-escalation attempt gone wrong

A while ago a video obtained has added a new dimension to the lifeguard incident that took place on the Venice Beach pier. This video, recorded by beachgoers from a distance, unveils an intriguing sequence of events leading up to the clash.

In the video, several individuals can be seen engaging in a heated exchange with a lifeguard stationed on a tower. The words exchanged are unintelligible, but tensions are palpable. One person attempts to climb the tower ladder, prompting another individual to pull them down.

After this initial escalation, the lifeguard retreats into his tower, presumably to call for assistance, according to Los Angeles County lifeguard Captain.

Upon emerging from the tower, the confrontation at the base of the ladder continues. Although the dialogue remains unclear, a woman is seen gesturing toward the lifeguard. In a swift motion, the lifeguard grabs a nearby bucket filled with water and drenches the woman and a man standing beside her.

While the intention behind this act remains a matter of speculation, Los Angeles County lifeguards suggest it may have been an attempt to cool down the agitated individuals. Regardless of the lifeguard’s intent, the drenched pair’s anger appears undiminished.

The video captures the moment when the lifeguard, soaked and surrounded, decides to descend from the tower. What happens next is unexpected. He is immediately struck and subsequently confronted by the drenched woman, the man beside her, and the individual who initially attempted to climb the ladder.

Additional videos, including one shot by a witness on the pier, detail the intensity.

Although knocked down, he manages to get up and engage in a clash with one of the men involved.

A bystander, wielding an orange cone, intervenes by striking one of the men. Yet another video from a different angle reveals a woman antagonizing the lifeguard while he is on the ground, attempting to rise.