WATCH: Man headbutts trained martial artist, karma immediately ensues

There’s a wider trend of scraps going viral nonstop lately. That poses the question what about these moments is so compelling that we can’t turn away?

There are several reasons why people may be attracted to watching these.

One reason is the thrill of watching a physical incident unfold. People may find the unpredictability exciting, and the rush of adrenaline can be something in itself.

Additionally, some people may watch these videos as a way to feel a sense of confidence considering these videos highlight the importance of marital arts for both men and women in their formative years.

Some may also be drawn to the drama and conflict of the situation, or to the spectacle itself.

Recently an incident went viral that once again highlighted the importance of knowing how to handle yourself.

Early on the incident is jump started by a head butt at which point the peaceful conflict resolution seems unlikely.

The headbutted party is quick to land a judo throw and reverse course of the conflict in a split second. This alone highlights one of the key components of martial arts – knowing how to act and to act fast in crucial moments.

Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, believed that martial arts training had the potential to be a positive influence on the development of young people. He saw Judo not only as a physical activity but also as a tool for teaching discipline, respect, and self-improvement. Kano believed that by practicing Judo, students would develop a strong sense of character and become better members of society.

Kano’s vision was to introduce Judo into schools as a form of physical education, allowing more young people to benefit from its teachings. By incorporating Judo into school curriculums, he hoped to make it more accessible and to reach a wider audience.

Regarding competitions, Kano had a different perspective than other martial arts practitioners of his time. He believed that competition should not be the main focus of Judo, and that too much emphasis on winning and losing could lead to an unhealthy obsession with victory. Instead, Kano believed that Judo should be a cooperative activity where participants work together to improve their skills and challenge themselves, rather than trying to defeat their opponents.

Now quickly after landing a takedown the judoka has an opportunity to grab an armbar. But he isn’t committed to it. This could be seen as a failure of his judo but it can also be a good showcase of thinking in a moment. An armbar is often finished from the bottom – which can enable another person to strike at you from the top or maybe use the environment to their advantage. So in the grand scheme of things it was proper.

Not to mention that dislocating an elbow could be sufficient grounds to sue. Instead the judoka regains to position, scrambles and lands some ground and pound. Considering his opponent is very active on the ground he then proceeds to go for a spinning guard pass – which is nothing short of impressive considering the environment.

This time he’s more determined to go for the armbar and quickly capitalizes on the superior position. The opponent seems powerless and he maintains top position having trapped both arms in the submission and controlling them.

Now this incident is particularly vivid due to intensity from both and the reluctance to finish the armbar shows once again when the scramble recomposes and the two are once again in the armbar application stage.