WATCH: Mini Merab pwns opponent in a real life clash

Jiu jitsu, known for its grappling and submission techniques, has long been hailed as one of the most effective martial arts for self-defense. Recently, a viral video surfaced on social media, highlighting the prowess of a teenager who utilized his jiu jitsu skills during a real life incident.

In the video, two teenagers engaged in a heated incident, with the cause of the conflict remaining unclear. Despite facing a taller opponent, the teenager in the white shirt demonstrated his mastery of wrestling and jiu jitsu. Throughout the intense one-minute scrap, he consistently took down his opponent, executing well-timed takedowns and ground-and-pound techniques.

What was particularly impressive about the teenager’s performance was his ability to avoid getting hit. Despite exchanging a few blows, his jiu jitsu skills allowed him to maintain control of the clash while minimizing any damage inflicted upon himself. His opponent struggled to mount any effective offense against the teenager’s skillful grappling techniques.

It’s important to note that jiu jitsuĀ  is renowned for its effectiveness in one-on-one combat. It offers practical self-defense techniques that prioritize control and submissions over unnecessary harm. However, when facing multiple opponents, relying solely on BJJ may not be the best choice.

Nevertheless, practicing jiu jitsu remains highly beneficial for personal self-defense. In a one-on-one scenario, it can provide individuals with the necessary skills to defend themselves effectively. Furthermore, training in jiu jitsu enhances core strength and overall physical conditioning.

One key principle to remember is to avoid going to the ground when confronted with multiple opponents. While jiu jitsu excels in ground-based combat, engaging in grappling on the floor against multiple attackers can put you at a significant disadvantage. In such situations, it is crucial to prioritize evasion, situational awareness, and finding opportunities to escape rather than engaging in prolonged ground engagements.