WATCH: Nardo Wick’s security KOs overeager fan


After a video surfaced on social media depicting two individuals from Nardo Wick’s entourage assaulting a fan who sought a photo opportunity, the rapper has issued a response. The incident unfolded following Wick’s performance at Club Skye in Tampa, Fla., and the artist has now released an official statement.

The video captures a man approaching Nardo Wick, known for the track “Who Want Smoke?” featuring Lil Durk, 21 Savage, and G Herbo. The fan is intercepted and subjected to repeated punches by two members of Wick’s entourage, resulting in his fall to the ground. Amid the assault, a voice presumed to be Wick’s can be heard instructing the men to “chill” (viewers are cautioned due to the graphic nature of the video).

The Tampa Police Department has expressed interest in speaking to witnesses or individuals with information related to the incident. The victim’s mother took to Facebook to highlight the situation, expressing concern for her son’s well-being, stating, “My son wanted a stupid f—in picture with his favorite artist!!! And this is what he gets!!! I am sick to my stomach to think about how this could have turned out!!!!”

Initially declining to respond to TMZ’s request for comment, Wick has now shared a statement on his Instagram page addressing the incident. The Jacksonville, Fla., rapper expressed his disapproval of the altercation involving the fan named George. Wick conveyed his apologies to George and his mother, emphasizing that he was genuinely sorry and concerned about the incident, reaching out to them even before the news hit the internet.

Wick highlighted his inability to control the actions of another grown man, expressing his lack of awareness regarding the impending assault. He conveyed his efforts to intervene and stop the altercation, citing his emotional response as evident in the video footage. Wick reiterated his love and appreciation for all his fans, vehemently condemning the incident as unbecoming and uncool.

A spokesperson for the Tampa Police Department disclosed an ongoing investigation into the matter, noting that the victim is currently in “critical, but stable condition.”

As the investigation unfolds, Nardo Wick faces a challenging situation, and the music community eagerly awaits developments in this unfortunate incident. Stay tuned for further updates.