WATCH: NFL fans scrap at Burger joint leaving two seriously injured

A chaotic scene unfolded at a California In-N-Out burger establishment on Friday night, resulting in two individuals being stabbed. The altercation occurred shortly after an NFL preseason game, raising concerns about fan clashes and the need for heightened security at sporting events.

The distressing incident was captured on video and involved a tumultuous brawl between individuals wearing San Francisco 49ers’ and Las Vegas Raiders’ jerseys. This unsettling encounter took place in close proximity to Levi’s Stadium, where the San Francisco 49ers had just competed against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The video footage shows an individual in a black top wielding a sharp object, menacingly approaching another person on the ground, while another participant delivers punches to an unarmed man. This display of inappropriate behavior unfolded merely a mile and a half away from the stadium.

Despite the presence of law enforcement and the subsequent arrests of two individuals, the video reveals the involvement of numerous participants. Police authorities are intensifying their search for potentially up to 10 individuals who were engaged in the incident.

The brawl occurred within an In-N-Out burger branch in California’s Bay Area, near Levi’s Stadium. As the situation escalated, so did the acts, resulting in the injuries of two individuals. The identities of the perpetrators remain unknown as law enforcement continues its efforts to apprehend them.

The video documentation depicts a group of three men targeting an individual on the ground, with one of the assailants brandishing a knife or shiv and repeatedly harming the defenseless victim. Amidst the chaos, two women intervened in an attempt to mitigate the assault, ultimately leading to a man in a San Francisco 49ers jersey intervening to quell the altercation.

As the investigation unfolds, the motive behind the fight remains unclear, leaving authorities to piece together the circumstances that led to this violent confrontation. The names of those involved have not been disclosed by the police.