WATCH: Parking Garage Brawl Erupts with Off-Duty Cop in the Mix

A dramatic scene unfolded in a UK parking garage as two groups of girls engaged in a fierce battle, with only an off-duty cop on hand to intervene.

Viral videos circulating on the internet captured the intense incident, showcasing the confrontations between the groups in the parking facility. While the cause of the incident remains unclear, the footage paints a vivid picture of the chaotic scene.

In the initial segment, two girls grapple, pulling each other’s hair and exchanging kicks and knees relentlessly, even as they hit the hard asphalt. Despite sustaining scratches from their short skirts, the relentless incident continues. A girl in green manages to gain the upper hand, holding her opponent tight, resulting in screams of distress. Upon escaping, the opponent receives a barrage of punches to the head.

Approximately 30 men watch the exchange, recording the incident without intervening.

Simultaneously, in another section of the parking garage, additional pairs of girls engage in their own incident, coming into view as the camera pans to capture the full extent of the situation.

A burly, bald man arrives at the scene, prompting most onlookers to scatter. Undeterred, the cameraman continues recording. The man, seemingly an off-duty cop, attempts to break up the incident between the green-clad girl and her white-clothed opponent, who continues to scream about her eyes.

Despite the man’s efforts to intervene, the green-clad girl refuses to release her opponent, arguing that he has no business interfering. Identifying himself as an off-duty cop, the man persists in trying to restore order.

In the video’s later part, the green-clad girl momentarily releases her hold, only to resume kicking her opponent. In response, the man forcefully throws her to the ground, proclaiming, “you are under arrest!” The cameraman protests, arguing that an off-duty cop cannot make an arrest. Unfazed, the cop retrieves his phone and begins texting.

Ultimately, the green-clad girl’s friend arrives to calm her down, bringing a temporary halt to the chaos. While some continued to brawl and exchange heated words, the video concludes, leaving the aftermath shrouded in uncertainty.