WATCH: Prankster Takes Leon Edwards-Style Headkick


In a recent viral video reminiscent of Leon Edwards’ iconic UFC 278 headkick, a street prankster found himself on the receiving end of a surprise headkick, sparking a wild reaction from MMA fans.

The notorious head kick from Leon Edwards at UFC 278, where he knocked out Kamaru Usman, remains etched in UFC history. Recently, a video shared by King of Cage commentator Steve Inman showcased a street scenario where a pedestrian executed a head kick on a prankster, drawing parallels to Edwards’ famous move.

In the video, the pedestrian unleashed a series of kicks on the prankster, echoing the intensity of Edwards’ renowned head kick. Although the kicks didn’t render the prankster unconscious, the resemblance to Edwards’ style was uncanny. What added a unique touch to the video was Inman’s commentary from a King of the Cage event playing in the background.

Edwards, with his Rocky-like victory at UFC 278, secured the welterweight title. The upcoming UFC 296 will witness Edwards facing Colby Covington, who is aiming for redemption after two title fight losses against Usman.

MMA fans, familiar with Edwards’ signature move, couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the street incident and the UFC 278 headkick. The video sparked a lively discussion on social media platforms, with fans sharing a mix of amusement and varied reactions.

The incident serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of memorable UFC moments, even making their way into unexpected corners of everyday life.