WATCH: Target shoplifter caught stealing tvs, escalates

A startling incident unfolded at a Target store in Atlanta, Georgia, capturing the attention of both bystanders and law enforcement. The episode involved a brazen shoplifter who not only stole a TV from the store but also returned to steal a second one shortly after, leading to a dramatic confrontation with the police.

The shoplifter in question, identified as Seth Berman, a 34-year-old individual, initially made headlines when he was caught stealing a 65-inch LG TV from the Target location. What followed was a series of events that escalated the situation to a highly dramatic level.

Store employees, quick to respond, flagged down a police officer upon noticing Berman’s return to the scene of the crime. Demonstrating audacity, Berman re-entered the store immediately after his initial theft. Security personnel worked in tandem with the officer, positioning themselves outside the store to confront the shoplifter.

With body camera footage serving as a testament to the unfolding drama, the police officer sprang into action. Taser drawn, he pursued Berman, who attempted to flee. The officer managed to apprehend Berman, taking him down in the store’s parking lot.

During the altercation, Berman fiercely resisted, vociferously declaring his innocence and pleading not to be arrested. However, despite his resistance, he was eventually subdued by the officer’s efforts.


The dramatic footage highlighted the intensity of the confrontation. Berman’s attempts to evade capture, combined with his verbal protests, painted a vivid picture of the scene. The officer’s measured response and ability to maintain control further underscored the significance of law enforcement training.

The incident’s aftermath revealed that Berman faced serious legal consequences. He was charged with felony shoplifting and felony obstruction. Subsequently, Berman was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for medical evaluation and treatment. Medical staff attending to him reported an elevated heart rate possibly attributed to drug ingestion.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of law enforcement work. Despite facing resistance and verbal confrontation, the arresting officer managed to uphold his training and professionalism, maintaining composure throughout the ordeal.

The City of Atlanta Police Department released a statement commending the officer’s response. The statement acknowledged the officer’s quick thinking and readiness in the face of evolving circumstances. It highlighted the importance of officer preparedness and the ability to adapt to changing situations in the line of duty.

As the incident concludes, it underscores the challenges faced by law enforcement personnel on a daily basis. While the shoplifting incident’s initial gravity might have seemed straightforward, the subsequent events highlighted the unexpected turns that can occur during the execution of law enforcement duties.