WATCH: Texas mother tackles perp

Recently, a captivating video resurfaced and quickly went viral, showcasing a remarkable act of bravery by a Texas mother. In what can only be described as the tackle of the year, Phyllis Pena displayed extraordinary courage and maternal instinct by apprehending a suspect accused of peering into her daughter’s window.

The dramatic incident, captured on police dashcam footage, unfolded as the suspect desperately attempted to evade law enforcement. However, he found himself outmatched by the unwavering determination of Phyllis Pena.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Pena confronted the fleeing suspect, enveloping him in a powerful bear hug that effectively immobilized him. In a matter of seconds, she brought the suspect forcefully to the ground, ensuring he could not escape.

Sgt. Roy Welch of the Lake Jackson Police Department commended Pena’s actions, describing her tackle as “pretty good.” It was indeed a display of extraordinary courage.

The apprehended individual was identified as 19-year-old Zane Hawkins, who had allegedly been peering into Pena’s daughter’s window. The events leading to the decisive tackle began on the morning of January 31 when Pena returned home and made the unsettling discovery. Confronted with this intrusion, she witnessed the suspect hastily fleeing the scene, prompting her to alert the authorities.

Law enforcement officers responded swiftly, locating Hawkins nearby. However, his determination to avoid capture led to a desperate attempt to escape. As he sprinted toward Pena, who had become a central figure in the unfolding drama, her natural instincts and unwavering courage took over.

In an interview with KTRK, Pena described her impulsive decision to intercept the suspect, saying, “I leapt into action, positioning myself in front of him and executing a tackle.” She admitted that this instinctual response took her by surprise but was driven by a deep need to ensure the suspect did not evade justice.

Pena’s daughter played a crucial role in restraining the suspect until law enforcement officers arrived to secure the situation.