WATCH: Texas teacher fired for running ‘FightClub’ out of her classroom

An incident at Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite, Texas, has led to the immediate firing and criminal investigation of a substitute teacher who allegedly ran a classroom “fightclub” and encouraged 12- and 13-year-old students to get physical with one another.

The incident, which occurred on a Wednesday, was partly captured on a cell phone video obtained by KXAS-TV. In the video, classroom desks are arranged in a circle to create a makeshift “ring” where students pair up to scrap. The substitute teacher, 24-year-old Natally Garcia, is seen looking on and instructing the class not to record the incidents, saying, “I do not want this on record.”

Garcia’s actions have resulted in her immediate termination and pending criminal charges, as confirmed by the Mesquite Independent School District. According to the school district, their investigation revealed that Garcia not only encouraged students to tussle but also outlined rules for the scraps and even assigned a student to watch the classroom door during the altercations. The school district described her actions as “appalling and intolerable.”

While no arrests have been made yet, the case is actively under investigation by the authorities.

One concerned parent, Beatriz Martinez, whose daughter recorded the incident, shared her daughter’s fear of being pressured into this kind of a situation. Some students left the classroom with injuries, and Martinez’s daughter reported that students were calling out names to instigate incidents but were saved when the period ended.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time such incidents have occurred in schools. In 2018, a video emerged showing a substitute teacher in a Connecticut high school encouraging students to physically confront each other.

In another unrelated incident, UFC veteran Mark Munoz faced consequences as a high school wrestling coach in Anaheim, California, when he allowed two students to resolve a dispute through boxing. Despite Munoz’s belief that the incident was more playful than aggressive, he was placed on administrative leave, and his contract was not renewed.

Mark Munoz had a successful career as a professional mixed martial artist in the UFC’s Middleweight category, but this incident led to the end of his coaching career at Fairmont Private Schools.

These incidents highlight the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment in schools and the swift action taken when such conduct is discovered.