WATCH: Thwarted Robbery at Italian Restaurant

In a daring robbery attempt that took an unexpected turn, a would-be thug faced swift justice when he targeted South Tucson’s famed Mi Nidito Italian restaurant.

The incident, which unfolded some time ago, was captured by the restaurant’s security cameras, generating significant buzz on various social media platforms.

The surveillance footage vividly portrays the aggressiveness of the would-be robber as he confronted the cashier, demanding money and resorting to destructive behavior within the establishment. However, his ill-conceived plan encountered an unforeseen obstacle when an unidentified individual took decisive action.

With remarkable courage and swift determination, this brave person swung a chair, delivering a powerful blow to the would-be robber’s head. The impact immediately disoriented the assailant, allowing restaurant staff and patrons to quickly subdue him. As the situation evolved, more individuals joined the ranks to neutralize the threat, demonstrating remarkable unity and courage.

Despite being struck with a chair, the robber exhibited relentless resistance, brandishing a knife and menacingly swinging it. However, a group of up to five individuals united to immobilize the assailant, employing all necessary measures to bring the situation under control. Their collective efforts proved successful, keeping the perpetrator restrained until law enforcement arrived at the scene.

Subsequent investigations identified the criminal as Jerry Evans Madril, a seasoned offender with a 16-year history. During court proceedings, Madril cited emotional distress at the time of the incident, referencing his recent 30th birthday and inability to see his young daughter as contributing factors to his state of mind.

Armed with a utility knife, Madril had brazenly entered the restaurant via South Fourth Avenue, coercing patrons and staff to surrender their money. Unfortunately, the intervention led to an altercation in which Madril wounded three individuals with his knife. The victims sustained injuries to their chest, legs, and arms, necessitating immediate medical attention.

Following the incident, Madril faced the Pima County Superior Court in December, resulting in convictions on multiple charges, notably aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. As a consequence, Madril received a substantial 30-year prison sentence, underscoring the gravity of his criminal actions.

This incident serves as a powerful testament to the bravery and unity of those who thwarted the robbery, safeguarding both patrons and the reputation of Mi Nidito Italian Restaurant.