WATCH: TikTok Rivals Ed Matthews and Ben Williams scrap Backstage at Misfits Boxing Event

At the latest Misfits Boxing show held at London’s iconic York Hall, TikTok sensations Ed Matthews and Ben Williams found themselves at the center of a backstage brawl, requiring security intervention to prevent further escalation.

The clash between Matthews and Williams, who boast a combined following of nearly one million on TikTok, unfolded as tensions reached a boiling point behind the scenes. The dispute, captured in footage, initially involved Williams in a heated argument near a bar, leading to shoving and threats involving other individuals.

Wearing a grey hoodie, Matthews swiftly approached Williams, throwing a punch before the situation escalated into a wrestling match on the floor. Williams gained the upper hand, delivering substantial blows to Matthews’ head as security personnel arrived to diffuse the altercation. Friends of the TikTok stars were held back to avert a larger confrontation.

A video shared by Williams on TikTok after the altercation asserted his victory despite engaging in multiple fights, including the one with Matthews. The footage revealed a minor cut below Williams’ left eye, a visible outcome of the scuffle.

Both Matthews and Williams have ventured into the YouTuber boxing scene, with Matthews accumulating three fights since his debut last year. Williams, on the other hand, secured two wins and suffered one loss, notably defeating YouTuber Swarmz in his latest match on the undercard of KSI’s showdown with Tommy Fury.

The Misfits Boxing event featured not only the clash between Matthews and Williams but also the boxing debut of controversial comedian Dapper Laughs. Dapper Laughs quickly floored his opponent, Simple Simon, within nine seconds, leading to the fight being called off just over a minute into the first round.

The unexpected backstage altercation added a dramatic twist to the night, showcasing that rivalries in the digital sphere can spill into the physical realm, even within the boxing arena.