WATCH: Tourists Involved in public scrap with local street sellers

British tourists on vacation in Ibiza were caught in a massive brawl with local street vendors. The footage captured the altercation that occurred in the early hours of a Sunday morning in the lively party hub of San Antonio. The brawl saw one tourist brutally beaten by a group of men before they fled the scene.

The video footage, which has since circulated online, shows an individual, believed to be a British tourist, being subjected to ferocious punches and kicks from several assailants. Despite attempts to rise, the tourist is relentlessly attacked, with one attacker even attempting to stomp on him.

Amid the chaos, another man rushes to the aid of the British tourist, but he stumbles and falls on the sand. Glass bottles are hurled, shattering on the ground, as chaos ensues. The incident unfolded shortly after a group, suspected to be British men and women, were seen fleeing the area. Meanwhile, an unidentified individual lay unconscious on the beach.

San Antonio police have confirmed the occurrence of the incident, reporting that it transpired around 6:30 am near the resort’s main beach, S’Arenal. Authorities are actively working to identify both the group of British tourists and the local street vendors involved in the brawl. CCTV footage is being analyzed in a bid to apprehend those responsible.

The motive behind the outbreak in this popular party destination, frequented by British tourists during the peak summer season, remains unclear. San Antonio’s West End area, renowned for its vibrant nightlife, stands as a British stronghold within the resort.

This incident follows previous instances of British tourists making headlines for their actions in Ibiza. Last month, a British woman was sought by authorities after allegedly attacking a hotel manager with a bottle.

The attack reportedly occurred when the woman and her group refused to settle a drinks bill. The hotel’s deputy director intervened after the group assaulted a waitress over the bill, resulting in the woman slashing the hotel chief’s throat with a bottle. The attacker fled the scene, leaving the injured hotel chief behind.