WATCH: Two people charged after massive scrap at baggage claim at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

In a distressing incident at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on Monday, two individuals were arrested and charged after allegedly attacking a 24-year-old woman. The conflict, which started as a verbal dispute during the deplaning process, escalated into a physical confrontation.

The incident was captured on video and has since been widely shared online. The footage depicts a scrap involving multiple individuals in the lower level of Terminal 3. There are two angles available.

According to the police, during the altercation, one person was punched by two offenders. The authorities have identified the assailants as 18-year-old Christopher Hampton from Maywood and 20-year-old Tembra Hicks from Carol Stream. Both individuals have been charged with one misdemeanor count of battery.

At present, no further details about the incident have been disclosed.

The Chicago Department of Aviation, emphasizing its commitment to safety and security, released a statement regarding the incident. It stated that the department prioritizes the well-being of all individuals within the facilities of O’Hare and Midway International Airports. Collaborating closely with federal partners and the Chicago Police Department, the department ensures the safety of everyone at the airports.
The Chicago Department of Aviation released a statement, saying in part:

“Safety and security are always the top priorities of the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA). We work closely with all of our federal partners present at O’Hare and Midway International Airports and the Chicago Police Department to ensure that everyone is safe when they are in our facilities.”

Instances of physical confrontations or altercations within airports are concerning and disrupt the safe and secure environment that travelers and airport staff expect. Such incidents highlight the importance of maintaining calm, respect, and peaceful interactions while traveling.

The legal proceedings will determine the consequences for the accused individuals. Meanwhile, authorities continue to investigate the incident to gather additional information.

Ensuring a safe and secure environment at airports remains a collective responsibility, with airport authorities, law enforcement agencies, and travelers all playing a crucial role. By maintaining a sense of cooperation, respect, and adherence to rules and regulations, we can contribute to a more peaceful and secure travel experience for everyone.