WATCH: Uniformed marines duke it out in Austin, Texas

In a dramatic incident captured on video, a fierce altercation unfolded outside the Voodoo Room nightclub on Austin’s historic Sixth Street. The clash involved uniformed Marines and civilians and was sparked by a dispute over a woman’s cellphone.

The video, widely circulated on social media, begins with a woman snatching a phone from another, leading to a Marine’s intervention. A man in a white long-sleeve shirt attempts to throw a punch at a different Marine, triggering a swift response from his fellow military personnel. Tensions rise as the situation escalates into a full-blown brawl.

As punches are exchanged and individuals are knocked to the ground, Austin Police and Texas Highway Patrol officers rush to intervene. Bystanders, seemingly favoring the Marines, cheer them on, with chants of ‘USA! USA!’ echoing amidst the chaos.

The video captures the moment when the civilians’ initial punch is met with a robust defense from the outnumbering Marines. The authorities work to disperse the confrontation, detaining at least one individual. Mounted police arrive later in the video, signaling an escalation of law enforcement presence.

Despite the intensity of the brawl, the Austin Police Department has yet to provide additional information in response to inquiries.

On social media, the incident sparked varied reactions. Some users expressed concerns about the chaotic atmosphere on Sixth Street, suggesting a lack of law enforcement presence, while others emphasized the risk of confronting a group of Marines.

The incident underscores ongoing challenges related to public safety in downtown Austin. A resurgence of a partnership between the Austin Police and Texas Department of Public Safety aimed at enhancing law enforcement presence in the area was initiated in July.

Home to The University of Texas at Austin, the city remains a popular destination for young individuals. Despite its appeal, concerns about rising crime and homelessness impact public safety in the downtown business district.

As Austin continues to experience significant population growth, reaching an estimated 2.3 million, and is projected to become one of the most populous cities in the country by 2100, incidents like these highlight the need for effective law enforcement measures to ensure the safety of residents and visitors alike.