WATCH: VIP box gets overrun with angry fans during White Sox vs. Cubs Crosstown Classic

The Cubs and White Sox faced off in a baseball game at Guaranteed Rate Field, but it wasn’t the on-field action that stole the spotlight on Wednesday night. Instead, a massive incident unfolded within the luxury suites, becoming the unexpected center of attention.

This incident occurred during the Cubs’ 10-7 victory over their rivals and was captured on camera, then shared on social media. A user who claimed to be in a neighboring suite humorously commented, “They were next to mine. We had dinner and a show haha.”

The video footage revealed several altercations breaking out simultaneously. In one corner, two women engaged in a heated dispute, while just a few seats away, two male fans exchanged blows. Amidst the chaos, one woman was observed repeatedly punching another, leading other spectators to step in and attempt to de-escalate the situation.

A man in a blue t-shirt also joined the mayhem, pummeling another fan before being separated and escorted to the back of the suite.

Interestingly, amidst the incident, one individual sat calmly in a corner, seemingly unfazed by the chaos, and continued to savor his ice cream. This provided a humorous contrast to the turbulent environment.

Throughout the video, onlookers could be heard shouting, expressing the need to break up the fight. Others acknowledged the intensity of the situation, with one person remarking, “Everybody’s scrapping in that b-ch.”

While incidents at sports events, including MLB games, are not uncommon, conflicts within private suites, where fans typically either know each other or come together to enjoy the game in a more exclusive setting, are quite rare.

The video was shared on Twitter in response to a comment suggesting a lack of excitement at the game due to White Sox fans feeling disheartened by the team’s performance. The unexpected incident certainly provided a significant dose of entertainment and excitement during the baseball game, even though it unfolded away from the main playing field.

As of now, the identities of those involved in the altercation remain undisclosed. It is unclear whether anyone sustained injuries or if law enforcement or stadium security was called in to handle the incident.

The White Sox organization has not issued an official statement regarding the incident, leaving fans eager for further updates and clarifications about this unusual turn of events.