WATCH: When a badminton player was BANNED for 2 years after punching ex-doubles partner on the court

Thai badminton player Bodin Issara was handed a two-year suspension, while his former doubles partner Maneepong Jongjit has been banned for three months due to their involvement in a heated altercation during the Canada Open a while ago.

The Badminton World Federation (BWF) took a firm stance against the incident, which unfolded during the men’s doubles final, leading to a viral spread of video footage on the internet.

During the match held in Richmond, British Columbia, the former partners, who had previously reached the quarter-finals at the London Olympics, engaged in a physical confrontation. After a verbal exchange earlier in the game, trouble flared again during a change of ends, culminating in Issara chasing Jongjit around the arena and physically assaulting him.

The BWF’s disciplinary committee has delivered their verdict, finding Issara, 22, guilty of multiple breaches of the organization’s code of conduct, including inappropriate conduct, oral abuse, physical abuse, unsportsmanlike conduct, and actions contrary to the game’s integrity. Jongjit, who was alleged to have struck Issara with his racket at the beginning of the confrontation, was found to have breached sections related to inappropriate conduct, oral abuse, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Both players are entitled to appeal the sanctions within 21 days. Nevertheless, they have already faced similar bans imposed by the Badminton Association of Thailand.

According to a statement from the BWF, the disciplinary decisions are effective from the date of the incident, July 21. As a result, Issara will lose the world-ranking points and prize money he earned from the Yonex Canada Open event.

The clash between Issara and Jongjit, former partners turned competitors, has underscored the importance of maintaining sportsmanship and upholding the integrity of the game. The incident serves as a reminder that disciplinary measures will be enacted swiftly to preserve the credibility of badminton and uphold the values of fair play.