WATCH: When McGregor’s grappling coach submitted a body builder twice his size

Conor McGregor’s Striking Coach, Owen Roddy, has been making waves in the mixed martial arts world with a clip that resurfaced in light of the Mighty Mouse vs bodybuilder controversy.

Recently, a video has emerged of Roddy sparring with a 200 lb gym enthusiast back home in Ireland, demonstrating his exceptional martial arts abilities.

Before McGregor’s rise to fame, Owen Roddy was already a prominent figure in the Irish MMA scene, known for his striking prowess. He was even expected by many to become Ireland’s first UFC star. Despite narrowly missing a contract with Cage Warriors 50, Roddy continued to excel and contribute significantly to the sport.

Roddy’s bond with Conor McGregor goes beyond that of a regular coach and star. He played a crucial role in McGregor’s bout against Floyd Mayweather and was heavily involved in the preparation for the highly anticipated bout against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The video showcases Roddy’s skills in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, alongside his striking abilities. During a seminar in Dublin, Roddy invited a larger individual onto the mats. Though the gym enthusiast had a size advantage, it was no match for Roddy’s technical expertise.

With a display of precision and technique, Roddy smoothly maneuvered his opponent, taking him down and locking in a submission.

The footage highlights that size and strength are no match for a highly skilled martial artist like Owen Roddy. His multi-disciplinary training and experience in various martial arts make him a formidable force in any combat situation.

It is evident that the video was all in good spirits, showcasing Roddy’s sense of humor and the confidence he exudes in his abilities. The gym enthusiast had no chance against the elite-level MMA star.

John Kavanagh, head coach of SBG Ireland, attested to Roddy’s talent, stating that he spars regularly with McGregor and belongs in the ring with any opponent. Roddy’s skill set has made a significant impact on Conor McGregor’s development as a martial artist, providing valuable learning experiences through their sparring sessions.