WATCH: Wild scrap breaks out at Texas gas station

A jaw-dropping gas station altercation in Texas has taken the internet by storm, as multiple groups engaged in a massive brawl, which even included cars colliding.

Gas stations, for some reason, have become a peculiar stage for street combat showdowns, and a recent incident in Texas epitomized this strange trend, leaving viewers both baffled and concerned.

A video, rapidly going viral on TikTok, captures the moment when three cars initiated a bizarre vehicular dance at a gas station. These men circled each other, exuding intimidation and occasionally side-swiping their rivals, who loitered in anticipation of the impending showdown.

Soon, men poured out of the cars, and all restraint was lost as an all-out battle unfolded. Each participant found themselves an opponent, engaging in physical confrontations. In a rather unconventional twist, one individual even used his belt as an improvised weapon.

The climax of the brawl saw a black car ramming into multiple perps, sending them crashing to the pavement. In the aftermath, the car swiftly departed, and the remaining combatants retreated to their vehicles and drove away. Astonishingly, it appeared that no one suffered severe injuries during this chaotic gas station confrontation.

Identifying the various groups involved proved challenging for TikTok users, who dubbed the entire spectacle “confusing” and “wild.”

“Next time you guys scrap again, can each team wear different colors? I lost track of who’s on whose team,” one user commented.

“I was so confused with this mess. It reminded me of the old movies! Who won” inquired another.

Reddit discussions echoed these sentiments, with users equally perplexed by the unruly scene, finding it arduous to follow.

This incident adds to the collection of parking lot melees that have gained notoriety online. Notably, earlier this year, a dramatic brawl made headlines when a police officer executed a Rock Bottom finishing move on a woman during a skirmish between rival groups.