WATCH: Woman spits on man, man retaliates in ugly Cleveland Guardians audience exchange

A recent video capturing a fan scrap during the Cleveland Guardians’ game against the Los Angeles Angels has gained significant attention online.

The incident involved multiple individuals and escalated rapidly, creating a chaotic scene in the stands.

The situation unfolded when a male fan wearing a red shirt became involved in a dispute with two women seated behind him. Meanwhile, another male fan, innocently holding a tray of nachos, attempted to defuse the situation.

However, things took an unexpected turn as one of the women, also dressed in red, appeared to make a spitting motion towards another female standing near the man in red.

The video, captured by Instagram user b1ake_55, does not provide conclusive evidence of whether the spitting actually occurred.

Upon witnessing the spitting motion, the man in red swiftly reacted by delivering a slap to the woman’s head before forcefully pushing her back into her seat.

Unfortunately, in the process, the man’s smack inadvertently struck the elbow of the nacho-holding fan, causing the tray to tumble and the snacks to scatter across the floor.

Motivated by the loss of his fallen snack, the initially peace-seeking man in navy transformed into a participant in the incident. However, his endeavor did not yield favorable results for him.

The two women who were originally engaged in the argument with the man in red, along with the female fan seated next to him, also became embroiled in the pushing and shoving.

Nearby fans intervened, attempting to diffuse the situation and separate the scrappers. Throughout this chaos, the man in red continued to throw punches at the other male involved, who seemed to be on the ground but not entirely visible.

Despite the off-field drama, the Cleveland Guardians managed to secure a thrilling 8-6 victory against the Los Angeles Angels. Their remarkable comeback came in the eighth inning, as Josh Naylor hit a crucial three-run homer, energizing the team and their loyal fanbase.

This unexpected turnaround mirrored the Guardians’ past season, where they consistently overcame adversity en route to winning the AL Central title.