WATCH: Woman’s Meltdown Leads to scrap with Police

A shocking incident at a New York Walmart has garnered widespread attention after a woman’s meltdown was caught on camera. The incident, which involved the woman allegedly shoplifting, escalated into a heated confrontation with a police officer.

Walmart, known for its share of viral moments over the years, witnessed another unforgettable episode at its Mohegan Lake location. On October 3, a video surfaced on the Public Freakout Reddit, revealing a woman’s explosive encounter with a law enforcement officer at the store.

The video’s uploader explained that they had overheard the woman vehemently denying any involvement in shoplifting. They began filming just as the woman insisted the officer “drag her out” and proceeded to throw items throughout the store, prompting the officer to intervene physically.

As the woman continued to demand that security “throw her out,” she started picking up items near the checkout area and hurling them, leading to an altercation with the officer. The situation escalated as she struck the officer, resulting in a physical struggle. The battle eventually spilled out into the open, where she was restrained.

During the altercation, the woman hurled derogatory remarks, shouting, “F**king white trash!” and repeatedly yelling for the officer to take her to jail. A follow-up video circulating on social media shows her being handcuffed while loudly accusing Walmart of racism.

The person who posted the video stated that they eventually left the store, and it remains unclear whether the woman was arrested or what charges she may face.

Under New York Law, assaulting a peace officer can carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

This incident is the latest addition to Walmart’s history of bizarre and dramatic occurrences within its stores. While it serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of retail settings, it also highlights the challenges faced by law enforcement officers in handling such situations.