WATCH: Youtuber’s security guard knocks out smaller opponent during live stream

A controversial video shared by YouTuber Jack Doherty has taken the internet by storm, featuring an intense altercation involving his security guard, an unidentified man, and internet personality Corrina Kopf. The incident occurred during a live stream and quickly went viral, eliciting a wide range of reactions from fans and followers.

In the video, tensions escalated during a heated argument, eventually leading to an unexpected and forceful punch from Doherty’s security guard to the man’s face. The act left Corrina Kopf exclaiming her disbelief, questioning the guard’s actions.

Doherty wasted no time sharing the video across his social media channels, sparking intense debates about the appropriate use of force and the responsibilities of those involved in the confrontation. The YouTuber initially acknowledged the physical violence and later attempted to provide context, suggesting that the other party’s aggressive approach justified the forceful response.

MMA¬† fans and social media users quickly chimed in with their opinions, with some praising the punch’s precision and others questioning the wisdom of provoking a larger opponent. Memes, reactions, and humorous comments flooded the internet, further fueling the discussion surrounding the viral video.

This incident serves as a reminder of how unexpected moments can captivate the online community and spark widespread debates, especially when they involve popular influencers and personalities.