Wild moment Mom passes off baby to bystander to scrap with another shopper

A disturbing incident unfolded inside Woolworths Tamworth Eastpoint, NSW, when a shopper was filmed participating in a wild all-girl brawl after handing over her baby to a bystander.

The distressing footage, captured on June 1, showcases a group of young women engaged in a violent confrontation, raining blows upon each other amidst the bustling supermarket.

In the video, which was shared, two girls can be seen pulling each other’s hair and throwing punches, while another woman entrusts her baby to a man who had just been pushed. This act allows her to enter the chaotic melee, where she proceeds to aggressively strike a man wearing a red T-shirt and holding a shopping basket. Meanwhile, the girls stumble down a nearby aisle, escalating the intensity of the situation.

Amidst the ongoing struggle, a man who had received the baby from the shopper passes the infant to a third person and rushes to the defense of the young woman involved in the incident. In the midst of the chaos, another man can be heard yelling, “Stop, stop, stop,” in an attempt to diffuse the incident.

The distressing footage captures the aftermath of the scrap, with a shopping basket and a display of soft drinks knocked over as at least four individuals continue to engage in physical confrontations. The shopper filming the incident expresses their shock, exclaiming, “Jesus Christ.” Verbal insults are exchanged, with one of the girls directing derogatory language towards the mother of the baby.

Amidst the chaos, a man holding a bag of roast chicken attempts to intervene, grappling with one of the men involved on the floor. Other shoppers and staff members make earnest efforts to break up the scrap, with one woman heard referring to one of the teenagers involved as a “dirty dog.”

The man who initially held the baby confronts his attacker, expressing his anger at starting a scrap in the presence of a family and a young child.

According to a spokesperson from the NSW Police, authorities were alerted to the incident at the Tamworth supermarket on Peel Street. They revealed that a verbal argument among a group of individuals escalated into a physical altercation, prompting the police response. Woolworths, in response to the incident, issued a statement expressing their disapproval of violence in any form within the community.

The store has offered counseling services to team members who witnessed the brawl and is cooperating with the ongoing police investigation.