7-eleven employees take action against California man attempting heist

In a dramatic turn of events, two vigilant 7-Eleven workers in California intervened when a man tried to pilfer a trash can loaded with cigarettes. Captured on video, the incident showcases the assertive response of the employees, who used a stick to fend off the thief.

The footage of the attempted robbery unveils one worker restraining the would-be thief on the ground, while his colleague relentlessly delivers around 25 blows with the stick.

The thief, clearly overwhelmed by the forceful response, pleaded for clemency from his attacker, exclaiming, “Okay, okay!”

Prior to this showdown, the robber strolled casually behind the convenience store’s register with a sizeable 20-gallon trash can. He nonchalantly collected various tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and vapes, tossing them into the bin. Meanwhile, the off-camera employees urgently appealed for him to halt his actions.

As the situation unfolded, a bystander recording the video commented, “Just let him go. There ain’t nothing you can do. They’re not going to do nothing,” alluding to the string of recent thefts involving shoplifters filling their bags before departing.

Amid this back-and-forth, the worker donning green and black attire transitioned from a defensive stance to tackling the thief, preventing him from progressing. His colleague swiftly joined in, delivering 23 firm strikes using what appears to be a broomstick.

With the aggressor incapacitated by the blows, the bystander cheered on the employees, describing the action as a resounding victory. The thief, in pain and recognizing his defeat, surrendered, signaling his intention to abandon the heist.

Despite this surrender, the stick-wielding employee gave two final blows, capturing the aftermath on camera. Subsequent videos revealed the employees considering calling the police but eventually allowing the thwarted thief to leave empty-handed.

The bystander, intervening further, sternly directed the man to abstain from returning to the 7-Eleven or attempting theft again. The defeated thief pleaded his inability to stand, only to be urged by the bystander to walk away.

The incident’s location is somewhat ambiguous, with glimpses of visible lottery numbers hinting at California. The bystander suggested the occurrence was in Stockton, situated around 50 miles south of Sacramento, although local police were unaware of the situation.

The 7-Eleven company has yet to respond to inquiries regarding the event. This incident is part of a broader trend of organized shoplifting impacting various cities, including California, underscoring the escalating nature of such crimes.