Girl smacks dude around for trying to steal her boyfriend


A physical incident occurred a while back between two teenagers in school. A girl beat up a guy for trying to steal her boyfriend.

A video went viral on social media showing an intense scrap between a girl and a boy in school. It wasn’t really clear what caused the dispute. But, a lot of people claim that the guy tried to steal the girl’s boyfriend.

The short video started with the girl confronting the guy in the school hallway. They had a heated debate but the guy was quite hesitant as he could be seen slowly backing away while the girl kept walking forward.

Then, all of a sudden, the girl swung her right hand and initiated a brawl. It was surprising that they decided to scrap there. The hallway was pretty crowded with students and teachers walking by.

Regardless, the two began the grudging brawl. They tried everything they could to get at each other, from punching to pulling hair. They landed more and more hard punches as the brawl got more intense.


It was clear that the guy started losing the scrap. The girl somehow pulled the guy’s hoodie up to his wrist and immobilized his hands. She then proceeded to land more hard punches to the guy’s head.

Other students refused to get involved and just watched the spectacle from a safe distance. After scrapping for a while, some teachers finally came and separated them. The video ended right away.

The short video has garnered attention online. Many people couldn’t believe that the girl managed to overpower the guy. Not to mention she only used mere strength, as the two can be seen lacking experience in martial arts.

It is a well-known fact that women on average are physically weaker than men. Women on average have just half the upper body strength of men. And have around 70% less-powerful on the lower body compared to men.

This is why it’s pretty important to learn and practice martial arts. Martial arts experience plays a big role when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. A highly trained person, regardless of their gender, has a big chance to beat a bigger and stronger person with no combat expertise.