Man thwarts shoplifting by throwing a soft drink at thief

In an odd  incident that quickly went viral on social media, a man creatively thwarted a shoplifter using a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke as his unconventional weapon of choice.

The under a minute video, posted online on October 30, depicts a store security guard confronting an alleged shoplifter with a backpack full of unpaid items. As the two engaged in a back-and-forth conversation, the shoplifter resorted to shoving shopping carts at the guard in an attempt to escape. With the only exit blocked, the situation escalated rapidly.

Suddenly, a man clad in a red hoodie appeared out of nowhere, dramatically lifting a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke overhead with both hands. He took one step closer and then hurled the soda bottle like a tomahawk at the shoplifter’s head, instantly rendering him unconscious.

The viral video, viewed over 9.4 million times, captured the attention of social media users who were astounded by the man’s accurate throw. Jokingly, one user commented, “Dude must do axe throwing on his days off.” Another quipped, “Which MLB team is signing him?”

Amid the humorous comments, some expressed concerns about potential legal repercussions for the store and the man who intervened. They worried that the store employee could lose their job, and the shoplifter might file a lawsuit. Despite the comical aspect of the incident, there is genuine worry about the consequences that could follow.

While the exact location and date of the incident remain unclear, this unusual encounter serves as a reminder that social media can turn even the most unexpected events into viral sensations.