UFC guys weigh in when older man whoops racist for running his mouth at Dallas Stars game

On Wednesday night at American Airlines Center, a Dallas fan got into a conflict with another spectator during the Stars’ 4-1 win against the Minnesota Wild.

The mullet-sporting Stars supporter seemed to utter a racial slur, the N-word, which caused him to be on the receiving end of several punches.

Although it’s unclear precisely how the argument got started, a video seems to show a Stars supporter yelling at another spectator wearing a black polo to “step down here and I’ll box your a**.”

The other guy seemed unconcerned by the heated exchange. This prompted the white loudmouth fan to say: “All right then. Stay the f**k up there. Dumbass n***a.”

After hearing such statements, the black polo-clad fan punched the Dallas supporter straight on the chin. He ended up knocking the Stars fan into the seats. The Dallas Stars fan attempted to strike back right away but the other attendee was able to stop him.

The altercation escalated to the point where a female Stars fan started hitting the other attendee, but bystanders swiftly intervened to stop the two. The Stars fan who instigated the altercation was finally subdued and pinned down.

The incident has gone viral subsequently, having been seen thousands of times.

It caught the attention of several UFC stars. UFC Middleweight Chris Curtis remarked on the striking skill observed in the video saying:

UFC Flyweight Cody Durden added:

“Made that man ride the Harley”