WATCH: Car salesmen go at it at the chagrin of customers

A video capturing a peculiar brawl between two salesmen at a California Toyota dealership has taken social media by storm, leaving viewers both amused and bewildered.

The surprising melee kicked off with a chair being thrown, quickly followed by a hefty punch thrown by one of the salesmen. The commotion escalated as more men joined the fray, resulting in a bizarre showcase of power dynamics. In the midst of the chaos, one man was knocked to the ground and placed in a headlock, while others continued to exchange blows.

The unusual skirmish only came to an end when the groups were eventually separated, leaving customers who had witnessed the scene in utter confusion and astonishment.

The video, shared by ‘l0veleahh’ on social media, offers a glimpse into a wider issue at the dealership. It appears that this was not the first such incident to occur on the premises, as the woman who posted the clip mentioned an ongoing conflict within the dealership. Specifically, the general sales manager seemed to be embroiled in a battle with the sales manager. However, the exact cause of the altercation remains shrouded in mystery.

Social media users found themselves both entertained and intrigued by this spectacle. Some even expressed a desire to experience similar salesmen showdowns during their next car-buying adventures. Playful suggestions were made, with one viewer proposing the idea of turning these brawls into a dealership sales event, suggesting a “Royal Rumble” to attract customers.

While the incident undeniably provided unexpected entertainment, it also raises valid concerns regarding workplace safety and professionalism. The question remains whether Toyota will take any action in response to this viral incident, which has garnered significant attention across various online platforms.