WATCH: Customer goes on a furious rampage after being denied chicken wings at NY restaurant

A recent viral video shows a fascinating scene of a customer losing his temper and smashing his truck into a chicken restaurant after being denied his request for chicken wings. The incident, which took place at NY Chicken & Grill, has garnered widespread attention on social media.

It all started when a man, who remains unidentified, approached the restaurant and demanded wings, but the manager, Mohamed Ali, informed him that it was too late to make wings. In response, the customer became irate and began smashing cash registers in a fit of anger.

As the scrap escalated, the customer attempted to jump over the counter. However, an employee intervened and hit the man with an object before chasing him outside, where the two engaged in a stand off. Amidst the chaos, the customer left his phone on the ground, which the employee picked up and slammed to the ground.

Later, the customer took his rage to the next level and drove his truck into the restaurant, causing significant damage before fleeing the scene. According to witnesses, the incident was an act of revenge.

As per the manager, who has been running the restaurant for over a decade, the event was unprecedented. It is not uncommon for restaurants to turn down late-night requests, and most people understand this.

Unfortunately, this particular customer’s demand for wings resulted in an aggressive and dangerous situation.

Footage of the scrap has gone viral on social media and was viewed over 5 million times. The incident has sparked outrage and raised concerns over the growing trend of scrapping in public places.

The police have launched an investigation into the incident and are seeking the identity of the perpetrator. Meanwhile, the restaurant is dealing with the aftermath of the attack and repairing the damage caused by the customer’s actions.