WATCH: Homeowner gets FOUR carjackers to back off thanks to his martial arts and bravado

In a dramatic scene captured by surveillance cameras, a courageous homeowner took on a gang of would-be car thieves in a frenzied brawl that unfolded on a peaceful street in Connecticut. The Rocky Hill town’s law enforcement is currently in pursuit of the fleeing thieves, who made a swift exit in a black Mercedes after their intended victim fought back.

The shocking home security footage initially reveals a man dashing toward a car and swiftly gaining entry, seemingly due to the vehicle being unlocked. However, his attempt to drive away was immediately foiled when the vigilant owner caught him red-handed. A physical struggle ensued as the homeowner forcibly removed the intruder from the car.

As the tension escalated, three additional individuals emerged from the nearby Mercedes. Despite one of the carjackers resorting to using his shoe as a weapon against the homeowner, the victim refused to yield. The situation escalated rapidly, prompting the group to abandon their ill-fated mission and flee the scene in a frantic rush.

The aftermath of the altercation saw the victim being taken to the hospital for injuries sustained during the brawl, while the perpetrators managed to escape, leaving law enforcement in pursuit.

Police have released the footage of the attempted car theft as they continue their investigation into the incident. The video captures the moment the would-be thief grapples with the homeowner, seconds after breaking into the vehicle. The struggle spills out into the driveway, with both parties contending for an object in the homeowner’s possession.

Realizing their criminal endeavor had been thwarted, three more individuals joined the fray, repeatedly assaulting the victim. One attacker resorted to using his shoe as a weapon, while others leaped onto the victim’s back and delivered punches to his head.

After nearly a minute of intense struggle, the assailants abruptly abandoned their mission and hastily fled the scene, leaving the heroic homeowner determinedly defending his property.

While the homeowner’s intervention successfully thwarted the car thieves and saved his vehicle, police expressed concerns about the potential dangers he faced. Rocky Hill Police Sgt. Jeffrey Foss-Rugan emphasized the risks involved, stating, “Thank God that he wasn’t seriously hurt.” He cautioned against confronting burglars and encouraged victims of car theft to call 911 immediately, particularly when equipped with home security video footage.

The incident has stoked fears of a rising crime wave in the Connecticut community, with neighbors revealing that this attack is not an isolated event. Reports of car break-ins and thefts have plagued the neighborhood, leaving residents feeling violated and frustrated.

According to WFSB, the state has witnessed a twenty percent increase in car thefts involving juveniles in 2023, with 113 car thefts reported in the first three months of the year. In response to these troubling trends, local law enforcement is deploying additional patrols to the area and advising residents to secure their property, lock garages, and keep valuables out of vehicles.