WATCH: This guy got Ben Askrened so bad – Scrap mirrors Lawler vs Askren shot for shot

It’s not every day we can observe a live reenactment of a UFC bout. This time a viral video of lawn conflict closely mirrored that time Ben Askren and Robbie Lawler were involved in a highly controversial UFC finish.

The UFC 235 bout between Robbie Lawler and Ben Askren was mired in controversy after referee Herb Dean stopped the contest in the first round. Lawler was caught in a tight bulldog choke by Askren, and Dean lifted Lawler’s left arm to check for consciousness. The referee then called a stop to the contest, despite Lawler protesting the decision immediately.

Lawler’s coach, Henri Hooft, can understand the former champion’s frustration, as the stoppage appeared to be premature. Lawler and UFC President Dana White both called for a rematch with Askren after the controversial finish.

To make matters worse, the clip is virtually identical. Same as UFC 239 bout, it began with Lawler slamming Askren to the mat and unleashing a flurry of punches. Askren managed to survive the onslaught and retaliated, but Lawler continued to dominate the bout.

It’s hard to tell if this bout and this viral video are more indicative of how crazy Lawler vs Askren was or of the skill level in the viral incident. One thing’s for sure. All the onlookers were very much entertained in both cases.

That suplex slam was impressive even if it didn’t end ideally for either party that performed it.