Sarasota County jiu-jitsu coach ends his life following investigation into inappropriate activity with a minor

Disturbing revelations have emerged regarding a Sarasota County jiu-jitsu coach, 32-year-old Lance Darren Goodall, Jr., who is under investigation for alleged inappropriate sexual activity involving a minor. The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) has begun an investigation into the allegations of sexual battery on a minor.

The investigation was initiated after the father of the 14-year-old victim discovered explicit videos and photographs depicting inappropriate sexual content involving Goodall and his child. The father promptly reported the findings to the sheriff’s office, setting off a comprehensive inquiry.

Goodall’s association with the victim extended beyond the gym as well. He had been the minor’s jiu-jitsu coach since October 2021 and owned Venom Fitness in Osprey.

Detectives uncovered unsettling details, revealing that Goodall had allegedly engaged in the sexual battery of the minor at his gym. The communication between Goodall and the victim predominantly occurred via Snapchat and reportedly revolved around explicit subjects.

The victim disclosed that Goodall, apparently apprehensive about potential legal consequences, had threatened self-harm if the situation came to light. The victim conveyed that Goodall had even sent images of a firearm and asserted ownership of six guns.

The distressing situation escalated as detectives charged Goodall with three counts of sexual battery by a person in a position of custodial authority. This decision followed an examination of the text messages exchanged between Goodall and the minor.

The case took a tragic turn when authorities attempted to approach Goodall at his residence in Manatee County. Upon arrival, they discovered that he had tragically taken his own life through a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The investigation remains ongoing, with law enforcement encouraging anyone who may possess relevant information or might have been subjected to similar circumstances to come forward. The SCSO has designated Detective Taylor Garrison as the point of contact for individuals seeking to contribute to the ongoing investigation.

As the community grapples with the disturbing developments, the case underscores the importance of safeguarding minors and taking swift and thorough action when allegations of such nature arise. The law enforcement agencies involved are dedicated to pursuing justice and ensuring the safety and well-being of potential victims.