Volatile scrap erupts at a Pretzel Store after nuggets disappear

After the infamous Waffle House battle, another clip filmed at a restaurant is going viral. According to the details, the conflict arose when the diner didn’t have the nuggets that the customer wanted.

It all happened at an Auntie Anne’s pretzel store in Cumberland Mall in Cobb County.

Apparently, one of the customers wanted the cinnamon nuggets on the menu. However, they weren’t available at the time. So, he became aggressive and attacked the employee, who reacted in self-defense. The two began trading blows and throwing stuff at each other.

The worker, Elijah Johnson, spoke about the incident. Johnson said that the man came up to him to order the nuggets but he explained to him why they didn’t have them.

“It was a typical day at work I had a customer come up to the counter. He asked me for a small cinnamon nugget,”

“I gave him the whole spiel, like, why we don’t have smalls. I gave him the price difference,”

However, instead of ordering something else, the man threw a drink at Johnson, pulled his hair, and slapped him.

“He came around the corner he hit me on the side of my face really hard,”

This is when Johnson picked up a set of tongs to defend himself.

“I snapped. I went into protective mode for myself because I know that I didn’t do anything wrong to this man,”

The two started throwing stuff at each other and the outlet’s furniture was destroyed. The other workers were finally able to step in and separate the two. The culprit then left the scene.

Johnson said that he is very disappointed in the mall’s security and has submitted his resignation from the job. He also said that he was going to press charges on them since his life was in danger.

“I’m looking to press charges on the mall because you guys pay for security.”

“There was no security around, even afterwards.”

According to the Cumberland Mall, the security reacted swiftly to the incident.

“Security was made aware of the incident and quickly responded to provide assistance to the employee of Auntie Anne’s,”

The mall security “also asked [Johnson] if he wanted to file a police report but he declined.”

We haven’t heard anything about the attacker though. The mall didn’t state that it was going to ban him.