WATCH: Group of Bikers assaults 90210 alumni Ian Ziering

‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ actor Ian Ziering found himself entangled in a brawl with bikers on Hollywood Blvd. during a New Year’s Eve clash. The exclusive footage obtained by TMZ captures the ‘90210’ star’s unfortunate encounter with bikers running amok in Los Angeles, culminating in a brutal altercation.

The incident unfolded as a group of bikers, riding motorized mini bikes, weaved through traffic on Hollywood Blvd. Ian Ziering’s vehicle reportedly became a target, possibly involved in a collision with one of the bikers, leading to the confrontation.

In the video, Ian Ziering exits his car after a biker catches his attention, potentially due to a collision. The situation escalates into a violent brawl, with Ian attempting to defend himself against the assailant. However, he soon becomes outnumbered as other bikers join in, mercilessly attacking him as he tries to escape the onslaught.

The chaotic scene ends with Ian getting back into his car and driving away, while the bikers disperse from the scene. As of now, it appears that law enforcement has not been involved, and no arrests have been made.

TMZ has reached out to Ian Ziering’s camp for comment, but there has been no response thus far. The shocking incident raises concerns about the actor’s well-being, leaving fans hoping for his safety. The unexpected street brawl echoes scenes from ‘Sharknado,’ a cult film series featuring Ziering, adding a surreal twist to the real-life clash on New Year’s Eve. The incident prompts questions about the safety of public figures and the unpredictable nature of street encounters.