Chipotle employee assaulted over Extra Chicken charge

A routine visit to Chipotle took a violent turn when Kayla Pyle and Jamel Williams became embroiled in a physical altercation with a Chipotle employee over an extra charge for chicken. The incident, which unfolded on December 10, 2024, in Lancaster, South Carolina, resulted in both suspects being wanted for first-degree assault and battery, as well as second-degree assault and battery.

The dispute initially arose when Pyle was informed of an additional charge for the extra portion of chicken she requested. Tempers flared, and what began as a disagreement quickly escalated as Williams cornered the Chipotle employee after their shift.

The altercation turned violent, with Williams pushing the employee to the floor, pulling their hair, and delivering punches. Pyle joined in on the assault, intensifying the situation. Despite attempts to escape, both suspects managed to flee the scene before authorities arrived.

Law enforcement, in their pursuit of justice, submitted hair found at the scene to forensics, believing it belonged to Williams. While Pyle and Williams likely escaped unscathed, the Chipotle employee had to seek medical attention following the incident.

As of now, both suspects remain at large, evading authorities after fleeing the scene. Police are actively seeking any information leading to the apprehension of Pyle and Williams.

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