Onlooker captures NYC subway passengers’ violent brawl

A brutal scuffle occurred on a NY subway train recently. The scrap turned out to be a one-sided beating with a lot of body stomps.

People in public places have a variety of moods that they may not show. A simple inconvenience may lead to an altercation, and even get physical. This is one of the reasons why self defense is a must for every individual. Those who lack experience may end up in a very bad situation, like this subway passenger who got tooled up.

Incidents take place on the New York subway pretty often.

A good part of the conflict was captured by another passenger’s camera and was uploaded the internet. The footage has since gone viral.

The video started when the brawl had already begun. Two men can be seen doing all they can to hurt each other, throwing punches, kicks, and even pulling shirts. Neither of them clearly possess any martial arts skill and their brawl seemed fair at first.

However, in the middle of the clip, one of them stopped holding back and started to give his all. He suddenly became more vicious and showed more power. The other guy, who can be seen carrying a bicycle at the start of the video, started to run away but kept getting hit.

Eventually, he fell down and was on the receiving side of several body stomps. He was just there cowering, not even moving at all. At this point the dominating guy stopped his attack. Other passengers also started to worry and shouted at him to stop.

The video uploader explained a bit about the context of the brawl. Turns out the guy who was carrying a bicycle was passing through the aisle and hit the other guy on the head. He refused to apologize and the brawl occurred.

“Apparently the guy’s bike knocked into the black guy, black guy told him to apologize, he didn’t, the fight started.” The caption reads.