WATCH: When MMA veteran Krazy Horse taught racist a lesson

A resurfaced video has been making waves in the MMA community, featuring the seasoned MMA veteran Charles Bennett, widely known as Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett, dealing with a racist incident during a live stream session.

Charles Bennett, also recognized as Charles “Felony” Bennett, boasts a professional MMA career marked by his entertaining and charismatic approach to MMA.

While his flamboyant personality may seem appealing, it’s important to note his significant struggles with mental health and abuse problems, along with a history of assault cases, including an incident involving a pregnant woman.

Bennett’s mental health challenges have often resulted in unpredictable behavior.

In the video, Bennett confronted Youtube personality OG Geezer in a tense exchange. The confrontation arose after OG Geezer directed a racial slur and the n-word towards Bennett during the live stream. Fellow streamers, ONLYUSEmeBLADE and Attila Bakk, were also present during this incident.

Bennett’s actions can be best described as chaotic, aligning with the archetype of a Chaotic Neutral character in terms of the D&D alignment system. He exhibits a mix of unpredictable tendencies.

Notably, Bennett demonstrated a grappling technique, reminiscent of Marcelo Garcia’s moves, by expertly trapping his opponent’s arm with his leg. Impressively, he employed this technique while attempting to submit OG Geezer.

During the confrontation, Bennett made it clear that he would only release Geezer if he apologized and expressed remorse by saying, “I love n***ers,” thereby dispelling any claims of racism.

Despite never clinching an MMA championship, Bennett’s unique style has won him a dedicated fan following. His larger-than-life persona outside the ring has only added to his allure. With a remarkable history and a reputation as a fierce competitor, ‘Krazy Horse’ boasts an extensive professional record of 30 wins, 43 losses, and 2 draws.

In June 2021, Bennett took part in the main event of Gamebred Fighting Championship (GFC), promoted by Jorge Masvidal. He faced off against Jason Knight in a bare-knuckle MMA bout. Bennett initially dominated the match by knocking down Knight and causing facial injuries. However, he was ultimately submitted with a RNC in the first round.

Continuing his journey in October of the same year, Bennett entered the co-main event of GFC 2 against Rob Emerson. Sadly, he suffered a knockout loss just 24 seconds before the first round ended.