Buchecha drops decision to Reug Reug at ONE FC

In an electrifying showdown at ONE FN 13, Brazilian jiu-jitsu star Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Almeida faced off against the surging Senegalese wrestler Oumar Kane, known as ‘Reug Reug.’ The two combatants, both hailing from different grappling backgrounds, stepped into the ring for an intense battle of techniques and willpower.

While Buchecha is renowned for his heavyweight Brazilian jiu-jitsu expertise, holding multiple ADCC and IBJJF world titles, Reug Reug is an emerging force in Senegalese wrestling, transitioning into the realm of mixed martial arts with a promising record. The event showcased their grappling prowess, although both showcased their inexperience in striking.

From the outset, Reug Reug initiated the encounter at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, unleashing a body kick followed by a right hand that caught Buchecha’s attention. In his pursuit of a takedown, Buchecha ended up on his back, engaging in a series of grappling exchanges. Despite Buchecha’s attempts to regain control, Reug Reug’s defensive maneuvers allowed him to maintain his advantage.

As the round progressed, Buchecha’s grappling pedigree shone through, with his attempts to execute sweeps and submissions. Reug Reug, displaying resilience, managed to avoid these attempts and capitalized on his more limited striking background. Despite the grappling dominance of both fighters, it was clear that Reug Reug’s striking was taking a toll on Buchecha.

The second round saw a more deliberate pace, with both competitors visibly fatigued. Reug Reug adopted a defensive strategy, attempting to control Buchecha’s advances. However, Buchecha managed to secure a takedown, transitioning to a dominant position and delivering ground strikes to the delight of the audience. Despite his efforts, Reug Reug survived the round, leaving Buchecha with visible damage.

In the final round, the battle continued, marked by sluggish striking exchanges. Buchecha attempted another takedown, showcasing his grappling prowess, but Reug Reug’s defensive maneuvers nullified the attempts. However, an altercation ensued as Reug Reug grabbed Buchecha’s glove and shorts, prompting a pause in the fight. Buchecha’s offensive efforts intensified, inflicting damage on Reug Reug before securing a takedown. Despite his perseverance, Buchecha faced adversity and ended the round on his back.

Ultimately, the unanimous decision victory was awarded to Reug Reug, sealing the victory and handing Buchecha his first professional MMA loss. The clash between these grappling and wrestling titans showcased the convergence of different combat disciplines, with Reug Reug’s Senegalese wrestling background proving pivotal in securing the upset victory.