WATCH: Tatiana Suarez guillotines Jessica Andrade, earns praise from McGregor

In a co-main event at UFC Nashville, Tatiana Suarez faced off against former UFC women’s strawweight champion Jessica Andrade. This battle represented a crucial moment in Suarez’s career, providing her with the chance to enhance her reputation and potentially position herself as a contender for the title.

Suarez’s opponent, Andrade, aimed to secure a substantial victory against a formidable adversary like Suarez, ultimately positioning herself for a shot at the title with a noteworthy performance.

The action began cautiously in the first round, with both fighters showing respect for each other’s abilities. Andrade utilized her kicking techniques to deter Suarez from initiating clinches and takedowns, while Suarez employed her reach advantage to maintain distance and utilize kicks and punches. This strategic dance allowed Suarez to control the pace of the round and avoid Andrade’s power shots.

The first round included several grappling exchanges that slightly favored Suarez, though Andrade managed to escape and land some strikes that kept Suarez alert.

As the bout moved into the second round, the dynamics largely remained unchanged until Suarez successfully engaged Andrade. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Suarez swiftly transitioned into a guillotine, which resulted in her securing a submission victory over the former champion.

Tatiana Suarez’s impressive performance marked her as a new contender in the women’s flyweight division, entering the conversation of title contenders with this significant victory.

Official Result: Tatiana Suarez defeats Jessica Andrade via Round 2 Submission (Guillotine) at 1:31.

UFC on ESPN 50 Bonuses: Five Rewarded for Impressive Finishes

At UFC on ESPN 50, everybody who secured finishes were generously rewarded with extra earnings of $50,000 each. Notable among these finishes was Tatiana Suarez’s triumphant return to the octagon, where she displayed her skills against former strawweight champion Jessica Andrade. Suarez showcased her dominance by securing a guillotine choke submission, proving her readiness to compete at the highest level once again.

Dustin Jacoby’s performance in the co-main event was equally impressive, as he delivered a knockout victory over Kennedy Nzechukwu in the first round. Jacoby showcased his striking skills, overwhelming his opponent with a series of punches that ended the fight early.

Diego Lopes demonstrated his submission prowess by executing a spectacular armbar win, earning him a well-deserved bonus. Another remarkable submission came from Carlston Harris, who stunned the crowd with a guillotine comeback victory.

Completing the roster of impressive finishes was Asu Almabaev, who secured a notable rear-naked choke submission over Ode Osbourne.

UFC awarded the following fighters with $50,000 bonuses for their exceptional performances:

  • Tatiana Suarez
  • Dustin Jacoby
  • Diego Lopes
  • Carlston Harris
  • Asu Almabaev