WATCH: Pier scrap ends with man thrown in the ocean

In a dramatic seaside brawl on a pier, a video capturing a man being tossed into the ocean has taken social media by storm, leaving viewers astonished and sparking concerns about the extreme nature of the altercation.

The viral clip features two individuals engaged in a physical altercation on the pier, surrounded by a crowd of nervous onlookers. After successfully knocking his opponent to the ground, one of the combatants proceeds to push the other towards the edge of the pier and hurls him over the railing, resulting in a sizable splash as he plunges into the ocean below.

The gasps of the onlookers are audible in the video, capturing the shocking moment. However, upon closer inspection, it appears that the submerged individual manages to stand upright in the water, seemingly unharmed.

The video, uploaded just a day ago, has swiftly amassed over two million views on Twitter/X. Commenters express a range of emotions, with some expressing concern about the potential legal consequences of such an act.

One user noted, “Throwing someone in the ocean is extreme,” while another raised the alarm, stating, “Bro, does he know he could face a charge for attempted murder? People play too much… hope that guy is alive, though.”

Despite the viral nature of the clip, no additional updates have been provided regarding the incident. The online community remains curious about the aftermath, speculating on the well-being of the individual thrown into the ocean.