Security Clash with Attendees in Wild Brawl at Australia’s Premier Car Festival

Summernats, a spectacle drawing car enthusiasts nationwide, took a tumultuous turn as security and attendees clashed in a confrontation. The incident, caught on video, reveals a group of festival-goers squaring off against security guards attempting to clear the space.

As tensions escalated, water bottles and beer cans flew through the air, aimed at the security personnel. Shirtless spectators, numbering in the dozens, exchanged jeers with the guards. The situation reached a boiling point when one individual pushed a guard, triggering an all-out brawl.

In the footage, a shirtless attendee backed away, engaging in a verbal exchange with security. Profanities were exchanged, and suddenly, the situation spiraled into chaos. Security guards, outnumbered, resorted to physical force, throwing punches at spectators.

Amid the scuffle, one attendee fell to the ground, vulnerable to kicks from a security guard. An onlooker draped in an Australian flag attempted to intervene but was halted by another guard. The altercation eventually subsided, with security successfully dispersing the crowd.

ACT Police confirmed awareness of the incident and initiated an investigation. As of now, no arrests have been made. Summernats organizers, in collaboration with security contractor Red Dawn, launched their own investigation, prioritizing the safety and security of all attendees.

Summernats, in its 36th year, holds significance as Australia’s premier car show. Despite its popularity, the festival has faced scrutiny, with this incident following a tragic 2017 incident where a participant lost his life. The current investigation aims to address the security and patron clash, underscoring Summernats’ commitment to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.