WATCH: RNC ends a dispute in real life showcasing the superiority of BJJ

In recent viral footage circulating on social media, a dramatic confrontation has captured the attention of viewers worldwide. The video depicts an intense altercation culminating in a surprising display of grappling prowess as one man executes a standing RNC on his opponent.

While professional combat sports like mixed martial arts and boxing adhere to strict regulations and safety protocols, reality present a starkly different outcome. Void of rules, protective gear, or officiating referees, such encounters pose significant risks to participants, often escalating into dangerous situations with potentially life-threatening consequences.

The footage showcases two individuals engaged in a heated exchange of blows, set against the backdrop of what appears to be a beachfront locale. The origins of the altercation remain ambiguous, but the combatants demonstrate a raw and unbridled ferocity throughout the encounter.

One of the individuals, characterized by his larger stature and aggressive demeanor, initiates the confrontation by charging towards his adversary with reckless abandon. Despite the smaller opponent’s attempts to evade and retreat, the larger individual maintains relentless pressure, resulting in both combatants stumbling and tripping amidst the chaos.

In a surprising turn of events, the smaller individual, displaying a degree of tactical acumen, seizes the opportunity to retaliate. Leveraging his background in martial arts, particularly jiu-jitsu, he swiftly maneuvers behind his opponent and ascends to his back.

With precision and efficiency, the smaller combatant secures a tight rear-naked chokehold, effectively immobilizing his adversary. Despite the larger individual’s futile attempts to dislodge his assailant, he finds himself succumbing to the relentless pressure of the submission.

As the tension escalates, the larger individual eventually succumbs to unconsciousness, collapsing to the ground in a dramatic denouement. Regrettably, the video concludes abruptly, leaving spectators to ponder the aftermath of the altercation and the fate of those involved.