Reddit leaker: Gordon Ryan believes he would have an easy time against Khabib

We’ve discussed the reddit leaks on several occasions in the weeks past. The leaker is clearly someone still attached to New Wave, and the leaks have checked out.

Craig Jones has been the prime suspect for the leak – however Jones has been openly sneak dissing New Wave so he doesn’t really need the cloak of anonymity.

The latest juicy tidbit pertains to an internal team chat in which Gordon Ryan came out with some big claims.

In the whatsapp exchange, Ryan claims either him or Garry Tonon could handle Khabib and it sounds like they’re even talking MMA scenarios which is… interesting.

For reference, Ryan has never competed in MMA and likely never will. Furthermore, many of the major promotions now feature PED testing which would eliminate some of his current ‘advantages’ not to mention the self professed lack of athleticism and striking.

Garry Tonon is even more dubious. Tonon lost to Thanh Le in ONE FC in addition to one of the Ruotolo brothers – and has even gotten himself eliminated from ADCC at an early stage.

Danaher was previously quoted saying this about Nurmagomedov:

“He [Khabib Nurmagomedov] beat people from every style. He beat wrestlers, he beat jiu-jitsu players, he beat kickboxers, and he controlled them all in the same way.”

“He has a very underrated bottom game. People think that he’s all about stifling top control. But people forget he was taken down on several occasions. He showed excellent guard work from the bottom. He was able to get into submission holds on opponents from bottom position.”

Ryan previously gave a more nuanced take on the hypothetical match up saying:
“Generalists usually won’t beat specialists in their domain. Generalists never beat the absolute best specialists. A submission grappling match wouldn’t be competitive, objectively.”

“Khabib is a generalist. These are very silly questions lol. No one who specializes in jiu-jitsu can beat me. Why would an MMA fighter be able to?”

While Gordon Ryan is rumored to be making a competition return this fall, the leaker is determined to keep a low profile and shared the following update: