WATCH: Chaotic Scene Unfolds Outside Mississippi Courthouse Amidst Family Feud

In a dramatic turn of events outside the Hinds County Courthouse in Jackson, Mississippi, members of two families engaged in a physical brawl over the mysterious disappearance of Latasha Crump Coleman. The incident occurred on Thursday morning during a hearing for Derrick Coleman, Latasha’s husband, who is believed to have information about her whereabouts.

Latasha Crump Coleman, a 46-year-old prison correctional officer, was reported missing on July 19, 2023. The families’ tension reached a boiling point in the courthouse lobby after Derrick Coleman’s hearing, resulting in a violent altercation. As court adjourned, heated exchanges escalated into pushing, shoving, and eventually punches being thrown.

The chaos continued outside the courthouse, captured on video, as one woman instigated further violence, leading to additional altercations. Law enforcement officers intervened, attempting to control the situation. The footage captured a law enforcement officer tackling a man down the stairs, highlighting the intensity of the conflict.

Amidst the brawl, a minor sustained a bloody nose, and several adults were subsequently arrested. Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones stated, “Deputies arrested five adults, and all are charged with disorderly conduct and are being held at the Raymond Detention Center.”

Inside the courtroom, Derrick Coleman’s appeal for a 2022 conviction, involving a violation of a protective order to have no contact with his wife, was dismissed by Judge Johnnie McDaniels. The judge ruled that Coleman violated the conditions of his bond, leading to the remanding of the case to municipal court.

Tensions remained high, fueled by a misunderstanding among Latasha Crump Coleman’s relatives regarding the court ruling. Some believed Derrick Coleman would be released from jail, leading to the eruption of the brawl. Derrick Coleman has been in custody since October.

The disappearance of Latasha Crump Coleman has raised suspicions of foul play among her family members. They express concern that her case has not received national attention, attributing it to coinciding with the Carlee Russell hoax disappearance in Alabama. Carlee Russell gained national attention after allegedly disappearing on July 13, only to admit later that she fabricated the story. Russell was convicted of filing a false police report in October.

While no arrests have been made in Latasha Crump Coleman’s disappearance, Jackson Police Chief Joe Wade affirmed that Derrick Coleman’s name remains a significant focus in the ongoing investigation.

The courthouse brawl underscores the heightened emotions surrounding Latasha Crump Coleman’s case and the need for a thorough and impartial inquiry.