WATCH: Tussle breaks out at Canadian McDonald’s over a Pokemon Card


In a bizarre turn of events at a McDonald’s in Nova Scotia, Canada, a customer’s quest for a Pokemon card escalated into a full-blown altercation, leaving the fast-food establishment in disarray.

Pokemon Card Meltdown

The incident began when a customer, visibly agitated, expressed his frustration after not receiving a Pokemon card with his purchase. Pokemon cards, known for their popularity as Happy Meal prizes, hold significant value in the collector’s market. The disappointed customer, however, took his dissatisfaction to an extreme level, initiating a heated confrontation with the McDonald’s staff.

Demand for Refund and Charges

Gesticulating towards the promotional display showcasing the Pokemon cards, the customer demanded a refund vehemently. His frustration reached a peak as he repeatedly insisted on pressing charges against McDonald’s for the perceived injustice. He urged the person filming the incident to share it online, claiming he was a victim of targeting.

As tensions escalated, the situation quickly spiraled into chaos. The manager, maintaining there were no more Pokemon cards available, faced the irate customer in a series of heated exchanges. The disagreement intensified as another customer attempted to place an order, further fueling the Pokemon enthusiast’s frustration.

Violent Outburst

The confrontation reached a boiling point when punches were exchanged between the dissatisfied customer and the newcomer. Chairs were thrown across the restaurant, contributing to the mayhem. Amid the escalating violence, the police were reportedly called, although the video cuts off before their arrival, leaving the resolution of the situation uncertain.

Not an Isolated Incident

This McDonald’s Pokemon card episode adds to a list of recent brawls within fast-food establishments. In April, a viral TikTok captured a group of women engaging in a physical altercation with fast-food workers at another McDonald’s location.

The incident sheds light on the intense emotions surrounding the collection of Pokemon cards and emphasizes the need for de-escalation measures in public spaces.

As Pokemon card enthusiasts eagerly await the next set of collectibles, the fallout from this McDonald’s clash serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and occasionally tumultuous nature of consumer interactions.