WATCH: UFC’s Angela Hill reacts to dancers brawling on reality series

Joseline’s Cabaret is a reality TV series that follows the life and endeavors of Joseline Hernandez, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Known for her dynamic personality and diverse talents, Hernandez’s cabaret offers an inside look at her efforts to create a successful business venture.

Season one of the show featured a dancer with a background in wrestling, one in particular that kept on getting into problematic situations.

The clip starts with the two sizing each other up. One of the participants explains her background in professional wrestling, and having trained for 10 years. While pro wrestling is staged and storyline, it’s still a grueling occupation that places high physical demands on the participants.

UFC strawweight Angela Hill happened to get exposed to the hilarious carnival that is Joseline’s cabaret and let a comment: “How is she not in UFC yet?”


At this point the dancer showcases the low wrestling stance commonly adopted in freestyle wrestling.

Pretty soon there was a competitor calling her to demonstrate her skill and even proposing a challenge.

Either of the two was reluctant to walk away. And the pro wrestler was not deterred by striking either, instead going back to what she knows and displaying her prowess.

Wrestling is one of the disciplines that’s extremely demanding and very hard to defend yourself in, if you’re inexperienced.

The technique discrepancy allowed the prowrestler to ground her opponent rather quickly despite strikes and hair grabs.

She went a step further sweeping her opponent after she got up. This turned into quite a scene with the entire cast watching.

Joseline Hernandez herself became quite controversial afterwards. Taken aback by the amount of publicity the scenes above generated she took it upon herself to keep causing havoc – and she then escalated that further when she attended the Mayweather vs Gotti III in recent history.

The video shows Hernandez in a confrontation with police officers, hurling slurs and engaging in a physical altercation following her involvement in a brawl with rapper Big Lex during an event related to a Floyd Mayweather exhibition match.

The bodycam footage captures the dramatic moments when Hernandez’s behavior escalated, showcasing her intense meltdown as officers attempted to apprehend her. The video reveals her assaulting police officers and launching racial slurs amidst a chaotic scene.