UFC fans cheer, pick favorites in Poolside dads altercation

Altercations are sadly an every day part of life – which is why martial arts should be a part of basic education.

There’s something primal about fighting – our ancestors used it to survive. Considering how modern life has drifted a way from the basics it’s always fun to see when primal instincts take over in altercations.

Recently two dads got into it bigtime besides a pool.

Some even went so far as to nickname the video ‘UFC 276: Poolside dad fight’.

While the reasoning for the impassioned altercation is unknown the two were livid at each other. THe whole thing appears to have started when the green trunks one had pushed the man in the camo shorts. Seconds later he retaliated and landed a right.

Soon the two were exchanging until the man moved away and uttered “I am going to stop.”

The two are not entirely unskilled considering the man in the green trunks managed to pull off a single leg takedown at one point. He was unable to control the opponent on the ground but never the less interesting.

The two were ultimately separated with no dire consequences to either one of them. Fans had fun commenting on the feud going as far as to say:
“I can’t give him 2 for the takedown, because he never had control.”

“There’s nothing worse than getting the hip toss but over extending the throw and letting them roll up over you. You had um, you know it, but they’re on top now and they think it’s by their own skill. Nice recovery from that position by said hip tosser”

“Lost that headlock at the end! Maybe junior high wrestling experience.”

“the judges scorecards should be interesting. green shorts fatter dude had the clear advantage on the feet, other guy got the better of the grappling exchanges. we all know how takedowns get scored”